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The debate on Nuclear Peace.

Nuclear Peace

This webpage contains a map of arguments concerning nuclear (dis)armament and sustainable peace. Useful resources, from which the arguments in this map were made, include:
The mapped debate stems from the following arguments:
Comments and questions about this point:
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[30 Jul 2007] I appreciate your thoughts on the issue.  If you'd be willing to post some of them on I'd really appreciate it.  I'm trying to generate a discussion on the issue.  Thanks.
[14 Jan 2007] It would be more useful if references were included. Unlike the government I think that arguements need to be backed up by facts.
[23 Jan 2007] A good point - and I think we can easily incorporate that. The blog has pretty good weblinks, and we will work them into the existing map. On this page I think that the introduction to the map should be at the top of the screen, and the suporting material ranged below it.
[25 Jan 2007] Here's a link on the French nuclear deterrent article in the Wikipedia (again the French article is more documented, but...):
[29 Jan 2007] The against arguments seem quite weakly stated. Can I restate a few of them for consideration?
1. Initial cost of Trident replacement-  £25billion (not per year as you state!). Estimated cost over lifetime of the replacement £76 billion. Current system costs £2bn per year in maintenance costs. This money could be better spent in many ways. Some suggestions are tackling climate change, 120,000 newly qualified nurses for next 10 years, 60,000 newly qualified teachers for next 20 years, meeting UN millenium goals foreign aid target of 0.7% of GNP for next 6 years.
2. Trident is useless in countering terrorism, widely accepted to be the UK's main security threat. Possession of uclear weapons by a state does not deter terrorists, nor could a state launch a nuclear attack on a terrorist group.
3. Trident is a relic of the cold war and serves no useful purpose. The governments Strategic Defence Review and the DSC inquiry have both concluded that there is no military threat to the UK or Western Europe, nor do they foresee the re-emergence of such a threat.
4. Rather than providing insurance against an unspecified future threat, replacing Trident will increase the likelihood of nuclear proliferation by other states and contribute to a new nuclear arms race.
5. The Government has indicated on more than one occasion that Trident might be used in a first strike capacity as a pre-emptive attack against a proportionate threat, and that this could be against a non-nuclear state.
6. Trident ties us into American foreign policy, and it is unlikely that we would or could use it without US agreement or assistance. Trident submarines are assigned to NATO.
7. Replacing Trident would break our commitments under the NPT.
8. The International Court of Justice has ruled that the use or threat of use of nuclear wepons is effectively illegal under international law applicable in armed conflict, as well as humanitarian law. Due to their enormous destructive power they cannot discriminate between civilian populations and military targets.
9. Employment connected to Trident could be converted to verification, decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities and secure disposal of nuclear materials. Technical skills could also be used to combat climate change- a £76 billion investment in any sector would create economic growth and jobs.
10. Possession, threats or use of nuclear weapons are immoral. There is no way to limit enormous civilian casualties that occur from detonation of a nuclear weapons, as well as the long lasting environmental and health effects.
Have a look at and for more information surrounding the debate on Trident, many articles and links to other organisations. Thanks
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