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Kenyersel: Contact

Thoughts can change the world

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Lucas Dixon

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The People
Colin Fraser → Lead Coordinator
mail: colin.fraser@kenyersel.org

As lead coordinator of the Ken Yersel project, Colin juggles interests in novel discussion methods, IT for community development, argument mapping and issues concerning deliberation in democratic debates. He works in the field of education and campaigning, having previously been a researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute at Edinburgh University, International Teledemocracy Centre and the Human Communication Research Centre. A philosopher by training, Colin is currently interested in enhancing charity campaigning using Web2.0 technology as well as innovative pedagogic methods for the teaching of philosophy and critical thinking.
Dr. Ben Young → Lead Participation Advisor
mail: ben.young@kenyersel.org

An experienced facilitator and expert in participatory processes, Ben is currently the Scottish Coordinator of Jubilee Scotland. Author of the Scottish Civic Forums's Audit of Democratic Participation, Ben has many years experience in the field of democratic participation. He has been a fellow at St Andrews University Centre for Ethics, Policy and Public Affairs, as well as having taught at several universities in the UK. Ben is also an accomplished musician and storyteller.
Dr. Kavita Thomas → Northeast Scotland Coordinator
mail: kavita.thomas@kenyersel.org

Kavita is committed to all forms of community based discussion, and is interested in the use of graphical techniques for the representation of online as well as situated discussions. She currently works as a researcher at Aberdeen University's Natural Language Generation group, having previously worked at Gothenburg University, Edinburgh University and MIT. Kavita is currently developing the Ken Yersel project in Aberdeen.
Dr. Lucas Dixon → Technical Director

Lucas is a research associate in the Mathematical Reasoning group at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics. As well as being the architect and lead developer of our software, Lucas has been a key contributor to the KenYersel methodology having coordinated many sessions. Lucas is interested in the representation of situated and virtual discussions and how these can be used to improve the quality of debate in public discourse.
Tracy Tsang → Digital Interaction Designer

Tracy is an interactive designer with a passion for crafting playful and memorable interactive experiences. A recent MA graduate coming from a multidisciplinary background, she is interested in inventing new relationships between bytes, senses and our surroundings. Tracy advises us on art direction, graphics, opportunities for digital interaction, and on our web-development.

For more information...

If you would like to more information or to get involved please contact us!
We look forward to hearing from you!