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13 October 2009

Software Tools for Discussion Mapping

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Argument Mapping and Discussion Software Tools on the Web

This is a dedicated page to provide links to all kenyersel-style argument mapping and web-based discussion tools. I’m only listing those that go beyond traditional bug-tracking, wiki’s, and forums. Feel free to send Lucas more links! or provide comment and thoughts on those I’ve listed.

TalkMap: a javascript (build on WireIt) interface for a map of a discussions, a little like google-maps, you can zoom in and out, and there’s an overview picture of the map. Seems like to merging/splitting points/history. But it’s about the nicest interface to the idea that I’ve seen yet.

DebateGraph: A flash argument editor, creator and viewer. Quite neat, clever radial layouts, lots of work has been put into this, and they have similar goals to KenYersel. I’m not sure about the history of maps, I found this to be not quite what I wanted. I’d like it to also be open-source, and to simplify the interface. Currently there is a separate interface for editing from viewing. Generally, however, this is my favorite online argument tool.

ThinkLink: Some open source software by Intel that helps link up related arguments found on the web.

Amap: Arguments are created by a single user, then streamed into an “amap” webpage. Each argument map can have replies, but there is no way to edit other people’s maps, or structure/view the relation between amaps. I found this pretty limited.

Deliberatorium: This is the MIT project for argument mapping with many of the same motivations as KenYersel. In very early stages of development.

TruthMapping: This site tries to apply common schemes of argumentation online. Popular, but tends to have very low quality debates. No history.

Debatewise: This is all about polarised arguments, 1 level deep for and against lists. No history, no concept of edits/improvement of arguments.

Compendium: not strickly an online tool, but it can produce static web-pages. We used this to create argument maps on the fly during meetings. A decent bit of Java based software for mapping out ideas.

CopeIt: Looks like a compendium clone done on a webpage.

skimbit: Social decision making, and planning. Have a notion of process and steps towards achieving a task.

Cohere is a visual tool to create, connect and share Ideas.
Argumentation Systems, was broken when I tried it (27 May 2009)

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