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10 May 2008

A move to Zen and so much more

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We have recently changed ISP for our web-hosting – we’ve moved to Zen Internet, so our site is now much faster and we have a whole load of new content management tools to play with! A related new feature is that our blog page now provide you with an RSS feed. Look forward to some website changes and a new version of the maps software (now hosted on sourceforge: which will be happening soon. We are also organising some new discussion groups with the plan to develop the methodology for working on refining argument maps. Get in touch if you are interested!

15 July 2007


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Dr Kavita Thomas and Colin Fraser are currently setting up groups in the Aberdeen area starting this autumn. We are on the lookout for existing community groups who may be interested in using our methodology to discuss issues in a balanced and respectful way. We’re also trying to set up some new groups – we’ll keep you posted.

3 May 2007

KenYersel Open Source training meeting

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KenYersel is currently bringing together interested stakeholders in creating an easily accessible range of training materials for open source office-related products. We are keen on producing a range of training material and consultancy for the OpenOffice range.

15 April 2007

KenYersel media experiments

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KenYersel are currently experimenting with YouTube, Facebook and a variety of other Web2.0 technologies to enhance the discussion experience for participants who can only take part online. Using tools such as Compendium and our own software, we hope that this will allow users to enjoy the structured experience of a KenYersel discussion while making use of the multimedia opportunities which Web2.0 can provide.

8 January 2007

The argument map of the Trident Debate is online and commentable!

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We have just finished the first draft of the Trident Debate map! This is a map of the discussion on the Nuclear Peace Blog. It is also a test-run of our exciting and new web software that Lucas has recently been developing. At the moment you can comment on the map and we will be adding and integrating you comments. We would also love comments on the usability of the map system. In the future we hope to allow users you to directly edit and update the maps in a Wiki-like way. Until then, please do send us any thoughts or feedback.

8 September 2006

KenYersel paper presented at the EGOV06

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The paper “Towards e-Participation Using Argument Visualisation and Philosophical Inquiry” was presented at the annual EGOV track of the DEXA conference, where we discussed the KenYersel methodology with a group of academics from a variety of fields.

8 August 2006

Nuclear Peace

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We are hosting a blog to discuss and consolidate the debate on Nuclear issues, from disarmament to development. We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. We are also developing some software to let you help us build up a map of these issues.

26 June 2006

The Debt Audit

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KenYersel will be facilitating the Jubilee Scotland Debt Audit 2006, which will take place on 5th July 6pm – 8pm, St Augustine’s Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. More information on this events is available from the debt tribunal blog at For more information on issues surrounding the debt, see the resources page at Jubilee.

12 November 2005

New Ken Yersel Wiki for ITC tools for the community

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As a result of an enjoyable seminar we ran on Tuesday, 8th November, we are proud to announce that we will be hosting a Wiki for the sharing of information on the use of ITC for Communities. Please see our Wiki page for more information.
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